Friday, 28 November 2008

Oh Frabjous Day, Caloo Calay!

While searching for myself on the web (Shut up. I know you all do it too.) I discovered that if you Google Shed of Delights. (Small fanfare please.) Out of the 1,100,000 results. My blog is the number one hit. “Top of the page Ma”. The same is true for AltaVista, Yahoo, and (But not on MSN, the b*st*rds.) Could I please have a WOO followed by a HOO. Or if you prefer it, a YAY and a HAY.

Is this what fame feels like? I expected it to be more, tingly.

But what this means is that mine is the most delightful shed on the net. (Shut up. Yes it is.) And that means I have a reason to have cake, and possibly beer. And none of this is the slightest bit sad or desperate. (Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.)

See You Soon.


Rach said...

Like you ever need an excuse for cake or beer. OK beer cos all the cakes mine. Hand it over buster.

Dave said...

But who gets the beer flavoured cake?