Friday, 14 November 2008

Napoleon Complex

The Napoleon Complex was a theory put forward by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler. He suggested that short men overcompensate for their lack of height by being more aggressive, and trying to take over the world and stuff. Hitler was about 5ft 7ins, Stalin was 5ft 4ins this would seem to support Adler’s theory.

The problem with this theory (apart from being a load of old cack) is that Napoleon wasn’t short. He was about average height for 18th century France.

The confusion about his height comes from it being recorded that he was 5ft 2ins tall. However this was a French measurement and not the same as British feet and inches. It translates to about 5ft 6ins, which at the time was average. But the 5ft 2ins thing stuck and forevermore Napoleon will be known as a diminutive French general\emperor.

What this means is that you don’t have to be short to want to take over the world, and I can carry on with building my legion of giant mechanical scorpions.

See you soon.

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