Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Culture Show 03/06/08

Tuesday night’s Culture Show was packed with interesting stuff (IMHO). If you didn’t catch it then it’s repeated on Friday night, or watch on the BBCi player. Or you can even check out the video clips page for highlights of this and previous weeks shows. And if the video archive isn’t enough for you then you can always have a read of The Culture Show blog.

Karl Pilkington’s visit to the set of Ricky Gervais’s feature film was very funny. (There is an extra clip on The Culture Show homepage).

There was also an item about Gustav Klimt, I have always loved his work and we are hoping during the summer to make it to the Klimt exhibition at Tate Liverpool.

Also mentioned by Mark Kermode (as an antidote to “Sex in the City”) was the low budget British film “The Waiting Room” which looks like it could be good (what can I say I’m a soppy old romantic.) Some time between my checking the site last night and popping there again this morning, it has been announced that the film has sold to “Lionsgate UK” so congratulations to them.

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