Thursday, 1 May 2008

A Delightful Evening at the Theatre.

Rachael is doing her own post about this so I’m going to keep mine short.

Last night for the first time “Paddling” a piece of Rachael’s work was performed live in front of a paying audience. It was my pleasure to be part of that audience and to see a piece I knew quite well on paper become something living and breathing on stage. The actors had fun with it and said later that they’d enjoyed doing it. The audience laughed in all the right places and it seemed to go down well. Proving what I’ve known all along about how well Rachael can write.

I regard it as part of my job as a husband to be encouraging and supportive. And I’m aware that sometimes compliments from me, (like those above) don’t carry the same weight as somebody else saying the same thing because “Well you have to say that, you’re my husband.” However last night there was a room full of people who didn’t “have to say that”, but apparently do agree with me.

I apologize for this but I wanted to say in public how proud I am of her as a writer and to be her husband. I hope that wasn’t too cringe making. (If you think this is bad just wait till she wins an Emmy/Bafta/Oscar.)

It’s nice to know that all my nagging about not spending too long in the blogsphere, sharpening pencils, playing Minesweeper etc isn’t going to waste.

Congratulations Rachael. From your number one fan.




That's really lovely, that is.

Just what we need is this hard, cynical world.
I'm gonna make Mrs S read it and then she can write lovely sloppy stuff about me if anything of mine ever gets performed!

Btw, "Fridays" back...

Dave said...

What can I say, I'm a sloppy old git.

Dave said...

...But obviously an evil bastard and as hard as a pikey bare knuckle boxer.