Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sheikspear’s Movie Poster Challenge.

A few people have taken part in this challenge now. The challenge was originally for three posters, but a some of us got a little carried away.

Sheikspear’s. Original Movie Poster Challange.
Rach’s Collection at Sharp Pencils.
Rob’s Offerings at The Island of Dreams.
The Royal Air Farse Gallery.
The Fractal Hall Journal
And my Posters on my Old Blog:
The First Post.
Found Another One.
Three More.
And The Winner Is.

So if anybody is reading this who hasn’t done it yet. Go on give it a go, it’s a great way to spend some time when you want to avoid doing any actual work. But watch out movie posters are addictive. See You Soon.

That's right, a lovely stroll in the moors. Tra-la-la, isn't this fun?



Cheers for the ad, Dave!

(and of course, all your entries!)

Dave said...

Just trying to drum up business.

Although advertising it on my blog is a bit like putting an ad in the local church magazine that has a circulation of three, and one of them only uses it to line the parrots cage.